Ayman Osman
Art Director | Communication Designer | UI Designer | Brand Designer
I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer with a broad experience of working in both the digital and print worlds. At the moment I am part of the Marketing team at one of Swedens largest daily newspapers as an Art Director and Communication Designer. My tasks range from designing for various stakeholders to working with cross-functional teams to ensure user-centered consistency and development of the brand identity across all touchpoints.
My education in Milano had a great spread, which means that I have been able to work both alone and in cross-functional teams with large projects and customer-centered solutions in Web, UI/App Design, Packaging, Branding and Book Design. And of course lots of smaller projects with shorter deadlines. My clients have varied from smaller companies and organisations, to large multinational companies. 
I also have a broad experience in leading design work across multiple channels, having overall responsibility and an overview of large projects, coordinating between different production phases and prestigeless communication with stakeholders such as project managers, UX-designers, developers, photographers/filmmakers, printers etc. which makes me a great resource to work with.